Admission to the university
for foreign citizens
Academic mobility
Incoming exchange students
Astana IT University offers one or two semesters for exchange, and the freedom to take courses from across our undergraduate, master programs following prerequisites requirements.

Coordinator of incoming mobility: Aitzhan Kulumzhanova
Tel: +7 (7172) (ext. 2032)
Office: C1.1. 333

Academic mobility rules
Eligibility criteria
Applicants have to:

  • have a solid command of English language (average GPA in English language courses min. B (3.0)/ IELTS 6/ TOEFL IBT 72/ TOEFL PBT 523) If the language of instruction of the home university is English, then a certificate from the international office is sufficient;
  • be 18 years old or above;
  • have GPA of 2.67 or above (out of 4.33);
  • be a full-time degree student at the moment of application for the exchange program.
Nomination and Application process
  • Call for nomination is normally announced 4 months prior to a start of a mobility period;
  • Partner university makes nominations
  • International Office informs nominated students 2 month prior the start of a mobility program
  • Nominated students apply for academic mobility program through AITU international office via email
Application Pack:
Required at the pre selection stage:
  • Copy of international passport;
  • Copy of current official transcript;
  • 3*4 colored photo.
Required at the pre arrival stage:
  • Proof of English language proficiency (see above) ;
  • Vaccinations records certificate
  • Bank or Income statement ( 2000$ per semester or $4000 per year)
  • Criminal record
Falsified documents
Submission of falsified documents leads to immediate dismissal from the exchange program and filing a complaint to the home university.
Nominated student:
is exempted from paying admission and tuition fees but:
is responsible for travel, visa, living expenses, health insurance, textbooks, supplies and deposits
has to pass a checkup at a local clinic and obtain local health insurance upon arrival
may extend his/her exchange period for the next academic semester if approvals of home and host universities are granted
agrees that his/her personal data may be disclosed to a third party
is expected to inform host and home universities within 15 (fifteen) calendar days about hardship withdrawal from the program
What is a required list of documents that I need to submit in order to apply for exchange program?
Send the following documents via online application form:

  • a scan of your passport
  • a photo (passport type)
  • a scan of your official transcript (records of grades)
  • a scan of your list of vaccinations (vaccinations records)
  • a scan of the bank statement (of 2000$ per semester)
  • a scan of criminal background absence (criminal records)
  • a scan of insurance , which covers Kazakhstan
Does the Coordinator of incoming mobility offer assistance with off-campus housing?
The Coordinator of incoming mobility is your first contact at AITU. The Coordinator of incoming mobility is a liaison between the exchange student and other support units and will coordinate the Housing Manager to find off-campus accommodation for you.
Where can I find registration procedure for courses?
As Exchange students you have a few differences in registration process. Step-by-Step registration procedure is written in Incoming Exchange Student Link.
Do I have any support in airport transfer?
Yes, AITU will render support in transportation.
Can I change my schedule, registration for or withdraw from classes at AITU?
Before add/drop period finishes, which is the first week of classes, you can make changes free of charge. Any later registration or changes are allowed with a certain payment of fee.
If a class says M, W, and F, can I choose which day to go? Or do I have to go all three days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)?
We strongly recommend you to attend all scheudled classes. New material is covered each day and class attendance is very important for you
How many credits do I have to take?
You need to be a full time exchange student: minimum & maximum ECTS (AITU) credits per semester: 24-28 ECTS credits. However, if you cannot find appropriate courses, you need to inform the Coordinator of incoming mobility.

Should I submit any document after arrival to AITU?
Upon arrival, submit original transcript, criminal record, bank statement, 4 matt color passport size photos to the Admission Office.
Your Buddy will escort you to a local clinic in Nur-Sultan to obtain the following documents to submit to the Medical center:

  • X-ray of Chest
  • Medical certificate (HIV test)
Should I visit Visa Office after arrival to AITU?
You MUST visit AITU international office on the first working day after arrival. Violation of the visa regime in Kazakhstan will result in a fine. Immediately upon arrival send a picture of your passport and migration card by WhatsApp to +77774585383 or email

Please visit Coordinator for incoming mobility who will assist you in collecting the following documents before visiting the International Office:

  1. Passport and a copy of the photo page
  2. Migration card (received at the customs control upon entry into the country)
  3. Address of your residence in Nur-Sultan (confirmation from the AITU dormitory or an rented apartment)
  4. Student Statement Order (obtained at the Registrar office, AITU)
Can I Take books from AITU library and should I pay for it?
For the books used for reading in the Libraries you do not need to pay.
Can I travel within and outside Kazakhstan and should I inform International office coordinator?
International Students are allowed to travel outside Kazakhstan during breaks, summer and winter vacations. You can easily go in and outside Kazakhstan if you have the multiple entry Kazakhstan visa. Please do not forget to bring your passport to International office Coordinator no later than 7 days before a trip to check your visa and local registration. If you want to travel to other cities in Kazakhstan, you should inform International office Coordinator about your trip and dates.
Other visitors may travel according to the type of obtained visa.

Do I need a local mobile phone number?
You are strongly recommended to obtain local mobile phone number. Your Buddy may assist you to buy it. Please, for your and our convenience, give your phone number to the Coordinator of incoming mobility.
Is it safe to walk late in the city and what about security on campus?
Nur-Sultan is a quite safe city. However, as in any megapolice you need to be careful walking late or in the nights. We recommend you to attend clubs, cinema theatre, etc. with your local Buddy or friends, especially if you do not speak Russian or Kazakh.
AITU campus is guarded 24 hours/7 days. There are cameras in many public places. However, keep an eye on your personal belongings, wallet, lap top, mobile, etc. on and off campus. Do not leave doors in your room or apartment unlocked when you outside.
What to do if I lost my passport?
Upon your arrival you better inform your country embassy/consulate about your arrival in Nur-Sultan. In case you have lost your passport, immediately inform it as well as the International office Coordinator at AITU. The embassy would be supportive in assisting you while your new documents are being issued.

Can I open a bank account in Nur-Sultan for my parents to make bank transactions for me?
In order to open a bank account for a non-resident of RK:
Necessary set of documents:
1) Identity card or passport, or residency permit/identity of stateless person for foreign citizens permanently residing in Kazakhstan;
2) Copy of the Individual taxpayer identification number certification document issued by Kazakh tax authority (IIN)
3) to open a bank account is free of charge;
4) bank annual service – 600 kzt
With above mentioned documents, you have to go to a bank Center Credit or Halyk Bank, located nearby, to open the bank account. Ask your Buddy to help you.
Services to individuals – Monday to Friday: 09.00-19.00, closed Saturday, Sunday, national holidays.

Is there any cultural event where I can represent my country and university?
AITU's student organizations and departments organize the following events for international students:
– Orientation session
– Welcome Party
– Student initiation party
– International Students Day
– Mister and Missis AITU
– Golden middle party
– Nauryz Spring Festival
– AITU Family Day
– Sightseeing Trips inside and outside of AITU
– Cultural events (Chinese New Year, Cooking parties)
– Farewell Party
So you can bring with you national souvenirs, clothes or other things in order to demonstrate it in different cultural events. All these events are organized by Students' Department:

Can I study/improve Russian or Kazakh language at AITU?
Yes, you can. You can register for academic classes or refer to the Language Center to find out details on schedule, costs, etc. Contact adviser at:

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